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Winging it….

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Well-put-together” adv,adj. Having a look that is obviously well taken care of…….

It’s a phrase I use A LOT ! It’s a quality I admire and am always slightly envious of as I try my best but fall short regularly.

A well-put-together woman is a beautiful creature to behold.  A carefully chosen outfit, stylish and befitting age and situation. Artfully applied makeup on a healthy, glowing skin, manicured nails and shiny, well cut hair.

Broken down like that it seems relatively simple, but at 630am, when you have children or a job with an early start, it’s not just that easy.  I can pretty much guarantee that any women I know, who I consider well-put-together, have a Master Plan!

Let me attempt to break it down… I’ll do the bits I can do first..

Makeup and Skincare..

Skin is always in fashion. Smooth and clear, glowing and radiant, with or without makeup, a great skin is a must. Don’t make things difficult for yourself, book a facial with an expert and find out what skin type and concerns you have. We’re here to guide you in the best ways to care for your skin and to provide an intensive and relaxing treatment to compound the results of your homecare. If you don’t know your skin type, you can’t possibly purchase skincare that will work for you.

As I walk onto the makeup floor of Selfridges my heart sings with joy. That’s because I know what most products are and what they can do for me. I can sympathise if you don’t. It’s vital to get The Basics right and booking an appointment with a professional can really help !


Hair… We have a love/hate relationship. It’s curly, I’d like it to be straight. I usually win the battle but never the war ! I wash my hair every day as I go to the gym every morning. I’ve realised over time that I suit my hair shorter and darker,  that’s not to say I’ve not tried it every other way too. Use your hairdresser correctly, they know what your hair will and won't do and can guide you towards a style that you can keep tidy yourself at home.

Now I leave my comfort zone… Clothes, I have lots, I wear some, and I spend a lot of time trying them on and putting them back into my wardrobe. Give me my uniform for work and my pajamas for home and I’m happy. It’s everything else that I struggle with. So that’s my goal for this summer. I’m going to prise myself out of my jeans, leave my trainers in the wardrobe, and get girlie. I’ll keep you informed as to how it goes .. At least I know I’ll wear a dress at least once this year… I’m a bridesmaid for my best friend in July ☺️

There’s loads of women I admire for many different reasons and no, I know that looking good isn’t everything. I’m well aware there’s more important things going on in the world, but if these women can achieve all these incredible things and still take a moment to top up their lippy then hey! I’m all about that ❤️

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