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I can feel something....

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

The number of times I've heard this throughout a Reflexology treatment is incredible and it's usually delivered in a fairly surprised tone. It's either in relation to a tingle or a warmth or a tiny but strange-feeling little tender spot on the foot.

The skepticism around Reflexology is understandable. It's effects are not scientifically quantifiable but neither are those of love.

What I can say is that so far I've not treated a client who hasn't felt relaxed and calm and revived after treatement and that is nothing to be sniffed at. At the very worst you'll get an hour of complete care and attention on a warm bed in a cosy room and a really thorough foot massage to accompany that.

Let's for a moment get a little scientific about it. Under each reflex point on the foot is a massive network of nerves. These nerves communicate with the brain via the nervous system.

All we are doing is giving the brain a nudge to have a little think about that area. It's that simple!

As a Reflexologist I'm not here to diagnose anything, what we are trying to achieve is something know as Homeostasis, a state of steady internal, physical and chemical conditions maintained by living systems.

We are prompting the systems of the body to work in harmony allowing peace to reign.

For many clients choosing a Reflexology treatment it's almost a last resort. Their body and brain is crying out for a little help and support and a little compassion from somone when they feel lost, low or stress is a constant companion.

If we look at the graphic here it gives a great inducation of where we may fall in terms of stress. Sadly by the time we realise the level of stress we are feeling we've reached that " possible recovery" stage.

This is where our Reflexology is so effective. We are asking the body to reduce the level of a hormone called Cortisol, it's a nasty one in many ways. If you are under stress for a long time it will put you at much higher risk of anxiety, depression, digestive issues, headaches, heart disease, sleep issues, weight gain and problems with memory and concentration. Allow stress to go past the level of "possible recovery" and we can expect these problems to become chronic.

Reflexology can be so effective in the treatment of stress, sleep issues, digestive problems, irregular periods, fertility issues, long term pain, feelings of worthlessness and anxiety and lack of energy. It's a great provider of peace in the body and mind and is a really positive treatment for anyone at all.

Feel free to be skeptical but still give Reflexology a try, it's definitley worth an hour x

Love Beauty xx

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