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Hero, hero ... H.E.O

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

I think we're all looking for an hero right now, aren't we ? Someone or something to dramatically improve our circumstances and sweep us off our feet.

There is a definite undertone of stress in the world these days and believe it or not, your skin knows it too.

When I perform my Reflexology treatments I ask my client to visualise a shield growing around them as their energy levels first of all balance out and then start to improve. It's a shield that they can hold in their mind to protect themselves against anything that is causing them stress, emotionally or physically.

Your skin needs exactly the same kind of shield but it needs to be a physical one. It's there naturally but stress, incorrect care, heat, allergy and time are all trying to destroy that shield and get to the yummy, plump new cells in your skin.

Simple Skin Science..

Housed in the very top layers of your skin, your Skin Barrier protects from excessive water loss

If you have impaired barrier function your skin will dehydate and will be easily irritated.

So you can see, it's something we need to be aware of and look after to the best of our ability to give our skin the best chance to be healthy and look great.

The list of benefits to a healthy and robust barrier is long. Not only will your skin look and feel more plump, look more hydrated and feel more comfortable, it means your therapist can recommend a much more active skin care routine with greater benefits as your skin will be resilient enough to absorb and use the products without irritation.

This article has come about after the launch of Medik8's new wondermask H.E.O Mask which will be in stock at Beauty as soon as we can get it by the barrel

Medik8 have understood and read the skincare concerns of a generation with this overnight treatment mask. Stress, mask wearing, air conditioning and heating and the use of more and more active skincare have left many people with a dry, dehydrated and sensitized skin.

The ingredients found in this wondermask are well known and used throughout the skincare industry but the unique way in which Medik8 have blended them and recommended their use is absolutley new.

Let's look at the H.E.O, Humectants, Emollients, Occlusives.

Humectants attract and bind water to the skin.

Hylauronic Acid acts like a magnet to attract water.

Glycerin and Natural Moisturising factors create a reservoir of water in the top layers of the skin.

Emollients regulate the skin cell health and improve water retention

Ceramides and Squalene and Linoleic acid all guide the skin back to its natural healthy ability to store and use water.

Occlusives form a shield

Dimethicone provides a non pore blocking and non sensitizing breathable shield to prevent water loss.

Attract the water, remind your skin how to store the water, prevent the water from escaping.

And you can do all of that while you sleep ! Watch out for any of the above ingredients in your skincare already. Especially if you're struggling with the issues associated with impaired barrier function.

If you're not sure just what your skin is up to at the moment, please don't hesitate to contact us here on the website or via phone or facebook. We'll always do our best to help x

Love Beauty xx

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