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Where to start….

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

My best friend recently pointed out that..

Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should…..


My stock response to “You’re doing too much” is to admit that I am and then carry on regardless. I figure there’s plenty of people who have a lot more going on in their lives to contend with than I do and I’m a great believer in the power of organisation. Hence Google Calendar ! I won’t screenshot my calendar to show you all, it won’t make any sense, but believe me when I say, without this calendar I wouldn’t know where the hell I was supposed to be at all.

I’ve  started doing my training in the gym at 6.30am so when I finish work I have free evenings….. In theory…..

This theory is crocked! I now work longer into the evening because I don’t feel guilty about missing the gym.

I’ve started my Reflexology training, which I obviously chose to do. I’ve realised why, when I told my friends and family what I wanted to do, their first question was “when are you going to do that then ? ”

I’ve  started this blog and a Facebook page which I absolutely love but naively thought it wouldn’t take much investment in time or emotion. It does and it’s made me realise that I’m not very good at half arsed. If I’m in I’m in 100% ! I’m sure at this point a few of you that know me will be nodding your heads at that.

I’m not a whinger, it’s a huge hate of mine. I’ve chosen to do all these amazing things and dedicate my time and emotion to them all. My point here is not to gain sympathy or a pat on the back. In a way I’m using this just to remind myself that I’m incredibly lucky in so many ways. 


To have the people in my life that care enough to ask if I’m ok and to help with anything they can.

To have the opportunities to work in a great salon with great therapists and friends and to use my skills, both old and newly acquired.

To have any of you take the time to read my blogs and respond to my Facebook posts.

By this time next year I’ll be a fully qualified Reflexologist, a fully trained Elemis therapist, I’ll have been self employed successfully for 7 years and fingers crossed, embarking on new and exciting skills and development. How on earth could anyone complain about that future ?

This should be where the Oscar worthy Thankyou speech starts but it won’t. The people I need to thank already know how I feel, and how grateful I am for the support and never ending patience.

And to think…. This blog was planned to be all about the Elemis Spa Bus coming to work ! Check out my Facebook page ! It’s on there. I’ll save the blog post for when it arrives.

Et in Perpetuum gratus

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