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The Fear..

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Today I created a Facebook page to promote myself as a business woman and Beauty Therapist, and it’s terrifying!   Will anyone Like my page? (except my friends,who’d better like it or they’ll be in trouble) To have a platform on which I need to blow my own trumpet, to convince the public that I can provide a service that is equal or better than anyone else out there. To entertain and inform with honesty and humor and professionalism. That’s my hope and my plan for this venture. To step outside my comfort zone and share my experiences with a larger audience, some of whom I’ve never met, is a big deal.

This year I promised myself that I would invest in myself and my career, and this is the first step. And by step I really mean leap.. Off a big cliff… Into the sea… And the best thing about it?  I know I have enough support from family and friends and clients, for the fear to recede enough to press….. Publish

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