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Crystal Craze...

When you know or feel or have awareness of something that's been seen as a bit "out there" the tendancy is to keep it to yourself to avoid being seen as a quack. Quack I may be because...


The colours and shapes, the texture, rough or smooth and the meanings behind each and every one.

I love what they can do and how they make you feel, like a little power button that can help you whenever you need it.

The reason I'm writing this today is a comment on a Facebook post from a gorgeous client who did not know that crystals require your touch for them to be effective. That set me thinking, I use crystals in nearly every room of the house and at work. They are in my handbag, my coat pockets and my car. I gift them regularly but maybe I've never quite explained their appeal or why everyone should have at least one crystal in their life.

Let's go back in time to the end of the last Ice Age, our ancestors were trading Amber beads while Jet and Malachite bracelets and necklaces have been discovered in gravesites dating from the Stone Age. Crystals have existed on earth for millions of years and their use has been documented in many traditions around the world. They are no longer used medicinally but these beautiful gemstones still hold a deep meaning for those who open their hearts and minds to them.

Crystals are tools that can be used to affect your energy field; the very molecules, atoms and cells that make up our bodies. We can use them to absorb, focus and direct energy. If you'd like to get really technical, crystals are by nature Piezoelectric. They are able to accumulate and hold charge and will respond to electricity in the earths energy field.

The benefits of having crystals in your life are boundless.

Each crystal has its own speciality and its always a good idea to feel the crystal before you take it home. For this reason I'd always recommend buying your crystals from a shop if you possibly can. When I first learned about and began to use crystals I visited a tiny shop that was absolutley chock full. The owner was so full of information and an obvious love of crystals. She recommended that I didnt choose a crystal, I should let one choose me by closing my eyes and running my hands over the trays of crystals. I felt a bit silly, you can imagine ! But it worked, it REALLY worked. I had a glowing patch under one hand that appeared again and again as I travelled over it so I picked it up and it fit into the palm of my hand like it was always there. It was the most fabulous bright green, striated crystal called Malachite. I've suffered with Gastritus for over 20 years, its an irritation of the stomach that can be triggered by stress, certain food and drinks and life in general. What is the most prominent effect of this tiny piece of Malachite I had cradled in my hand? It wards off indigestion, acidity and gastric trouble. Even I was a little freaked out but my Malachite now lives in my handbag and I'm very rarely without it.

There are hundreds of crystals out there which all have unique properties so I've put a list together of some great choices to begin your collection, because believe me, you'll end up with a collection.

Used at the Crown Chakra and named The Master Healer. An amplifier of energy, it can aid concentration and memory and provide balance and stimulation for the body and immune system.

My mind, body and soul are energised .

A beautiful crystal that comes in various shades of lilac, mauve, violet and purple. Used at the Third Eye Chakra it works to protect, relieve grief and sadness, improve headaches, bring calm and alleviate fatigue.

I am unique, I am amazing.

This crystal is there to support you when the truth is difficult to share. It brings emotional balance and can ease panic attacks. It enhance self-esteem and belief and can also protect against radiation !

I am calm and relaxed, I am well.

Called the Love Stone this delicate crystal is more about allowing your emotions to show. Used at the Heart Chakra it brings peace and protection to your and will balance out the Yin Yang energy.

I radiate inner beauty, confidence and grace

My favorite crystal, its colour can range from a deep dark ochre to the palest lemon and its your perfect partner in manifesting anything you desire. It opens the spirit when placed over the Solar Plexus Chakra and allows self-belief, gives courage and confidence and is the perfect crystal for home or work.

I am not afraid.

Linked to the Sacral chakra this crystal gives feelings of motivation and confidence and is a comfort to PMT. It is also known to be the luckiest good luck charm known to humans.

I am joyful of being myself.

A stunning and powerful stone, this speckled beauty draws negativity away through the Root Chakra. Strongly protective, it forms a shield against negative energies in the world and is your connection to the grounding energy of the earth.

I am strong and highly adaptable.

These are just my favorites, a drop in the ocean but a group of really beautiful stones that have the most beautiful affirmations linked to them.

How do you get the best from your chosen crystal?

Once you and your crystal have got home you need to get to know each other.

Use your crystals with intention. Spend a little time with each crystal and be aware of handling them regularly.

Take the time to attune to your crystal by holding it in your dominant hand or over its corresponding chakra.

Inspire your crystal by using your breath to calm your mind and ask your crystal to help you in whatever you desire.

Find a good home for your crystals. In a velvet pouch in your handbag or a beautiful bowl in your home.

Cleanse your crystals regularly. I prefer to use Sage at work and sunlight and moonlight at home. If your crystal is a cool colour, Amethyst, Sodalite etc use moonlight. If its a warm colour, Carnelian or Citrine, use the sunlight.

The best thing about crystals ? For something that may only cost you £3 and a tiny corner of your home or handbag, you've nothing to lose. I can almost guarantee that every now and again you'll find that you want to hold it or you find it in your hand. They can have an enormous effect on you and the space you exist in.

Hopefully by the time our beautiful little salon can open again, we'll have a collection of crystals for you to float your hands over and see which one jumps out at you.

See you soon,

Love Beauty xx

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