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Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Hopefully by now you've had the time and the inclination to have a quick browse through our website and you've seen our full treatment list.

This little blog is all about our facials and helping you to decide what you'd like to experience and the different benefits of our available treatments.

Aging is a fact of life, looking your age is not.

Regardless of your age, of how "past it" you think you are, there are a myriad of benefits to a regular facial appointment. Forget for a moment all the active ingredients we have available to improve your skins texture, colour, elasticity or radiance, and think about being wrapped up in a beautifully warm bed and having a deeply relaxing facial massage with warm towels and soothing music. That can't be bad, can it ?


Or, reasons to avoid a treatment. All treatments have contraindications and its important to fill a record card out with us prior to any facial and with the greatest detail you can. This is mainly in relation to allergies for most facials. If you have a nut allergy or asprin allergy for example, and you don't tell us, we could be in trouble fairly quickly. Please, if you're in any doubt about booking a certain facial give us a call or a message and we can guide you through.

Did you know that we offer a free consultation before any facial?

You are always welcome to make an appointment with any of our therapists to chat about your skin concerns and we can create a plan together of what you'd like to achieve. We can recommend which facial, give homecare advice or we can refer you onwards for aesthetics if we think they may help you get where you'd like to be.

Have a look at Elemis Facial Rituals...

Elemis is a perfect blend of nature and science and the facials reflect that wholeheartedly. 3 if not 4 different massages are used in each Elemis facial and the aroma and warmth is instantly recognisable.

Elemis have designed these facials to restore and revive whilst still being supremely effective in providing radiance and vitality to the skin.

After a consultation and cleanse of the skin, your therapist will guide you to the correct products and create a personally prescribed facial. We've worked with Elemis for years and there's always an "Oooh, what's that smell" moment in every facial.

Scroll through to CACI...

Award winning and clinically proven, CACI offers the very latest in non-surgical micro-current technology. I've actually heard of one facial surgeon that recommends a course of CACI before embarking on any facial surgery as he believes the strength and conditioning it provides can make his work more successful and give better healing.

CACI works on the brain of each facial muscle to "remind" it what its capable of. It provides stimulation for lacklustre muscle tone and gives a lifted and smoother facial contour. I'll write that again..... it GIVES a lifted and smoother contour, not just the appearance of one !

This facial is the real deal in anti-aging !

It's imperative to schedule your CACI correctly. 10x 1 or 1.5 hour treatments must be carried out within 4 weeks to get the absolute best results. The recommendation is to have 3 a week for 2 weeks then 2 a week for 2 weeks. A monthly maintainance treatment is necessary to carry on improving your results for as long as you carry on.

If you do decide to stop your CACI for any reason, your skin won't suddenly revert to how it was before you started. The results will gradually fade away over a 12 to 18month period.

MEDIK8 has it's own section....

It's cosmeceutical..

A blend of Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical, cosmeceuticals offer a bridge between prescription based products and over the counter beauty.

We use Medik8 in salon in 2 different ways. We can provide a highly active yet relaxing facial treatment and we can perform a deeply effective epidermal peel.

Medik8 facials are a blend of massage, relaxing essential oils and super strength professional grade products brought together to rejeuvenate the skin while being calming and uplifting.

Medik8 Peels are for the dedicated skincare user who has a desire to see a deep and profound difference to their skin. Each peel course of 4 or 6 treatments takes the skin on a journey with different active acids used to treat skin concerns at any point in the 12 week period. This course does require you to play your part to a T with pre and post treatment products all the way through. It is a true skinvestment and the before and after photos are incredible.

That covers 22 different facials for every skin concern, for stressed skin, for scars and ageing, for dryness, dehydration, pigmentation and just bloomin fed up skin.

All in all, we've got you covered and as always, we're here for you x

Love Beauty xx

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