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Say Cheeeeeeeeese…..

Updated: Jan 10, 2021


After a lot of research I found a photography studio in Manchester with the right vibes. All the reviews I looked at were full of positivity and fun and the feeling of a genuinely caring company.

Andrew Wood Photography in Manchester specialise in every aspect of professional photography and have won multiple industry awards for their work……

And I won a shoot !! I won it ! I never win anything ! ( check out their Facebook page, they run competitions regularly)

When mum and I had our photos last time we were looked after so well by the beautiful Rosanna on Makeup and Kayleigh behind the camera, I knew I’d feel comfortable with the same girls. And boy was I cutting it fine ! Very best of luck with your imminent arrival Kayleigh, I’m so glad you were still a few weeks away.


As a Beauty Therapist, handing my face over to someone else is…… Hmm Weird ! I’m so used to doing my own makeup, I must be a nightmare. What’s this ? Where’s that from? How are you doing that ?  My word, this girl knows her stuff. It was so relaxing to kick back and just let Rosanna do her thing. I’m not trained to do photographic makeup and it is a different creature. More intense, more sculptured and defined and probably, for someone who doesn’t wear a lot of makeup, a little intimidating.

Be reassured, on camera it’s necessary. Without it the flash will take away contour and colour and the face looks flat.

I’d decided prior to my appointment that I was going to make good use of the shoot and have some professional headshots done for my Facebook page, Twitter feed and here on WordPress.


I’m not a professional model by any stretch of the imagination. I can knock out a fairly decent, heavily filtered selfie from a Saturday night but that’s all.

To have someone there to reassure you and guide you, all the while with a laugh and a smile and a ‘ooh I love that’ makes the whole time so relaxing and downright good fun. No judgement, no drama, just friendly guidance and a lot of clicks.

An hour later, after a good few funny faces, lots of pouting and a wind machine (full on Beyoncé moment) my time in the studio was over. I’ll be going back in a couple of weeks to see my photos and choose my favourites.

Its something that every woman should experience at least once. It doesn’t need to be Boudoir or Burlesque, take your mum, get your girlfriends together or capture a precious moment with your family. As I walked out of the studio today I had a little spring in my step, a feeling of confidence and excitement.

I’ll let you all see when I get my photos but please, if you can, give it a go. You might surprise yourself ❤️

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