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Pretty cool place to work…

Updated: Jan 10, 2021


6 years ago, Joanne,  ever patient and spectacularly great beauty therapist, opened this pearl of a business in Barrowford, Lancashire.  We worked together for 8 years at our previous employer and as I clung to her uniform leg, sobbing, she uttered the words ……. Come and have a look. She’s been stuck with me ever since !


Becoming self employed has definitely been one of my best career choices. I go to work with a smile, do my job and go home, still smiling. I work my own hours and I’m given the freedom to care for my clients, give them the time and attention they deserve and hopefully help towards building a really successful and popular salon to visit. Jo is one of the coolest people I know. How on earth she runs the business, works the hours she does and cares for her staff and clients so beautifully, I’ll never know. (She won Beauty Therapist of the Year in 2008)


Now Jo, bless her heart, has a lot to put up with from me. With the best will in the world, I’m a scruffy worker. I try my best, I really do, but I’m a hurricane at work. A flurry of products, paperwork and random ideas spill forth regularly, and as I don’t have to think about financing any of it or putting it into practice, I definitely get carried away.

(£495 on neon lighting ??? Really Jen ??)

Shelley works with us 2 days a week. She’s a fabulous therapist and mummy. Calm and thorough and seeing as we’ve worked together in 2 other salons previously, quite used to my working style.

We are all kept so busy I swear we could hate each other and still get along just fine ! As it is we tick along together beautifully. Quite scarily, we have over 60 years of experience between the 3 of us ! It’s lovely to work with therapists who you know and trust so well. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend either of the girls to anyone.


Jo has big plans for the business over the next few months. Elemis has just arrived in the salon and is going down a treat. There’s 2 new treatment rooms nearly finished and Spray Tanning is on the list to research.

It’s an exciting time for Beauty in Barrowford and all who sail in her. I’m so so glad I can be part of it ❤️

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