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Leather Handbags…

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

I saw a question posted earlier today on Facebook and read the replies with great interest…


The question posed was about the choice you would make between having a £10 handbag with £1000 in it or a £1000 handbag with £10 in it ?

I know which I would choose, but that’s besides the point. It brought to mind another question everyone should ask themselves every now and again with regards to their skincare, health and happiness….

” Would you rather…
Own an expensive handbag?
Do everything you could to avoid looking like one as you age ?”

I invest in myself to make sure that as I get older I can be as healthy and as happy as possible, and if I can still have a little style and grace then, hey, I’ll take that too.

Happiness for me is finding a balance in life. I’m incredibly lucky that I love my chosen profession. Spending time training or researching new treatments and products isn’t work, it’s pleasure ! I find a huge amount of joy in what can be achieved both mentally and physically, by carrying out my therapies to the very best of my abilities.

Having people around me that inspire and support me is so important. Id like to think I can do that for my family, friends and clients and hopefully, with this blog, a few new faces too !

Everyone needs a cheerleader right ?

And skincare….. Well, it’s no secret to many, I’m a skincare junkie.


I have a ladder shelf next to my bed that’s full of favourites, beautifully presented and rotated frequently.

Elemis, MAC, Urban Decay, Charlotte Tilbury, ABH, YSL, Benefit, Makeup Geek… The list goes on! All fully researched and trailed thoroughly. The best get to stay, the rest get passed on or put away just in case.

After 12 sorry years apart, professionally, never personally, Elemis and I had a very emotional reunion just a few weeks ago. Beauty is now a very proud stockist of the Elemis range and all the new and incredible facial treatments. It’s always been a part of my skincare but boy! Have they grown in the past few years ( I’ll do a separate blog, I’ve far too much to tell you)

Makeup is my “thing” Beautifully packaged palettes of colour, shimmering highlighter, luminous powders and fluttery false lashes. Jet black liner, shiny lipgloss and perfectly pigmented lipstick, I could go on forever, but once again I’ll save it for another blog. It totally deserves it ❤️

So there’s my (rather long winded) answer. I’ll be doing all I can to avoid the ‘leather handbag’ look.

Hopefully, when I’m an incredibly well preserved 60 year old I’ll have saved up just enough to treat myself to the Celine ‘Mini Luggage’ I’ve got my eye on anyway !!

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