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It’s all in the feet y’no…

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

The ancient method of Reflexology, a perfect blend of science and art.


I decided to make a study of Reflexology nearly 3 years ago and booked a college course….. Which was cancelled due to lack of students.  As was the second, and the third…… That gave me three very distinct  questions.

Had Reflexology gone out of fashion ?  Who on earth was offering the treatment if no one was training to do it ?  And who was offering the training at all ?

Id like to use Reflexology alongside my other treatments. Blend it with massage,  pedicures, while a facial mask is working its magic and as a stand alone treatment. It turns out that there are therapists offering Reflexology in the area, but no one is really advertising the fact !

The beauty industry, for the last few years, has been concentrating on aesthetics. HD brows, various nail systems and eyelash extensions have taken centre stage while Complementary Therapies have, not been forgotten as such, but only used by the faithful.

I love and fully appreciate the instant gratification of perfect eyebrows, or a stunning nail polish but, in these times of high expectations, high power and high stress, surely the benefits of Reflexology will outweigh the  momentary pleasure of a fluttery eyelash?


Reflexology can…

Reduce stress and Induce deep relaxation

Improve Circulation

Cleanse, rebalance and revitalise energy

Prevent, stimulate and nurture.

I can’t  find a reason not to offer this treatment. All of my clients would benefit from most of these outcomes.

Finding somewhere to train was a huge issue that I really wasn’t expecting. It’s important to choose a good, comprehensive and recognisable qualification that I could be insured for, and a trainer who knows and loves the treatments. It was  a chance conversation during my Elemis training that led me to Deep Beauty Spa and Training Academy in the nearby village of  Whalley. Offering a  VTCT qualification in Reflexology to small groups, over an 8 week period, this method of study is excellent for me. I’m quite happy to be taught what I need to know and then left to my own devices to suss out the mechanics and how I’d like the treatment to be used. 


Week 1…. Anatomy and Physiology…. I know I know it but gosh. ( geek alert) I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed it. Sorry to my clients if I start rambling about the Endocrine system or Anatomical regions, don’t worry, it’ll wear off and I’ll soon be back to SPF and makeup !

Lying out in the beautiful sunshine this afternoon , studying the origins of Reflexology and reading through the learning outcomes of my qualification, I couldn’t help but feel excited and a little nervous. Excited to be able to offer this fabulous treatment to existing clients and new. And nervous to see the amount of knowledge and time that will be expected of me over the next few weeks.

Those nerves will slowly disappear as I get to grips with the study, and the excitement will take over at the beginning of my first treatment. Give me 8 weeks and I’ll give you a treatment that can literally change the way you look at Complementary Therapy and relaxation.

I’ll be needing volunteers… Form an orderly queue please x

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