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I’m thinking about you….

Updated: Jan 10, 2021


Ooh, I miss you all. What a very strange time we’ve found ourselves in and I hope you’re all finding your own way through it without too much of a rollercoaster. Life away from the salon is so strange for me. As many of you know I rarely take more than a few days off at at time so, here I am at Week 5, not quite knowing what to do with myself.

I’m so used to sharing my life with you and you with me so the past few weeks have been quiet and strangely lonely. I wanted to get on here and write to you all to let you know how I’m doing and to check in that you’re all doing well too.

I read a fantastic article recently and the biggest  point I took from it was this…

We’re not in the same boat, we’re just in the same storm…

I’ve not spoken to anyone yet who is dealing with exactly the same issues during lockdown. Some of you have kids at home full time but you’re still working, some have found themselves away from family for weeks now and some wish they could get away from some of their family. The one thing that unites us at the moment is that we don’t quite know all the answers.

I’ve walked for miles, I’ve shopped for my lovely friends that have needed a little helping hand; I’ve tried my best to keep my Mum and Dad happy and healthy and safe and they’ve had more treats from Tesco than ever before. I’ve kept up with friends and tried to be positive and the voice of reason and I’ve learnt and written and cleaned and exercised and washed and cleaned some more. If you follow me on Facebook you’ll have seen my Makeup explosion and the resulting organisation. I’ve done the same with my  skincare and sock drawer… and Dave’s, too!


The Lancashire countryside has afforded me plenty of time to reflect on my work and how different it’ll be when we get together again. We’re not sure when and how we’ll be allowed to work again but there will definitely be changes afoot.

I love my job and over the past few years it’s been the constant that I could rely on and the place where I knew exactly what I was doing. The scariest thing for me in these recent weeks is how much my sense of worth is reliant on my work. I don’t know if any of you guys feel that? I enjoy the ability to help you all with everything from your skin, your nails, your cross words with husbands and even your dramas from nights out. My working day always ends with a yawn and a stretch but the best feeling of accomplishment for so many different parts of my job.

I can’t wait to get back in to work, however and whenever it may be, and it’ll be with a renewed appreciation for just how lucky I am to do what I do and to have you guys there with me. I’ll be trying my absolute best to be organised and to get to see you all as soon as I can for the most important treatments that you’ve missed. There will be some super toe nails and eyebrows to tend to and I’m sure some of you will have your shoulders up around your ears. I’ll be waxing and polishing and massaging and listening to everything you’ve been through while we’ve been apart.


I am nipping in and out of salon and I’m booking appointments for June onwards, just in case we can get back in. In the meantime I hope you all know that if you need me, I’m only at the end of the phone. If you need a chatter, some advice or a cry, I’m still here x

Love to you all and fingers crossed I’ll be seeing you very soon x

Jennifer xx

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