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Be good to yourself..

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Short of me confiscating your diary and booking your appointments for you, unless you prioritise time to relax or wax or even just sit down for a while, no one else will do it for you.


A great deal of my working day is spent ensuring that your precious time is taken full advantage of and fully appreciated. The best way I can help is to recommend treatments that give the best results in the available time and the best way to achieve this is by asking a few simple questions.

  1. What time do you have available?

  2. Under what circumstances are you booking the appointment?

  3. What is your priority?

Let’s talk time first…

15 minutes can give you a beautifully sculpted brow.

30 minutes, an Eyelash tint,brow tint and shape, a file and polish for fingers or toes or a relaxing back,neck and shoulder massage.


60 minutes, a full Elemis facial experience, a Full Body Massage, a Sixtus Pedicure or many combinations of the above

And the circumstances…..

Do you have a job that requires you to have beautiful nails on show all the time? Are you under constant pressure through work, children,travel or time constraints? Have you set yourself a look you’d like to achieve and maintain? Are you heading away on a beautiful sunshine holiday ? Have you got ankles hairier than a Hobbit?

All these points can be taken into account when we decide on your priorities….

Do you need a package of treatments that give an obvious outcome? For example your holidays. Let’s de fuzz anywhere that needs it, tint your brows and lashes so you can climb out of the pool with confidence, and polish your toes with a fabulous colour from the OPI Spring collection.


Is relaxation and peace more beneficial to ease away the stresses of everyday life. Let’s combine the humble back massage with the luxury and expertise of an Elemis Superfood facial to give the impression of a great nights sleep and the posture of a ballerina (or at least to get your shoulders roughly where they belong)

However you decide to use your time please make sure you do. The more you do it, the less you’ll feel guilty about it, the more you’ll benefit from it.

And think of it this way, to have a facial just once a month, that’s 1 hour in 744 ! That’s not asking too much is it !

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